Sunday, December 11, 2011

AA Disco Pants vs. H&M Riding Pants

Unhealthily obsessed with the American Apparel Disco Pants. They've been sitting in my online shopping cart for about 3 weeks and I just can't seem t dish out more than $80 for a pair of pants; not when I'm used to the $6.99 pants I've been purchasing from Goodwill. I was in a funk about them until I recently went to h&m and discovered their riding pants. They're not an exact replica of the disco pants, but at a price of $24.95 they're close enough.

The AA Pants

H&M Riding Pants

Gold detailing on the h&m pants
  • High Waist Pant
  • Slim fit
  • Ultimately give the same "look" of the disco pants


  • Different Texture
  • Price
  • Gold Detailing on the Riding Pants

I hope this post helped as I will be wearing these riding pants until I hit the lotto and can afford the Disco Pants (they're really not that much, just too much for pants!)

Signed, B.

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  1. Omg badly want the h&m pants would yu buy me some nxt time your there and I could paypal you the amout plus shippin?